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By supporting the legal action to establish the responsibility
for the death of President Milosevic

More about the legal action in the interview with Maitre Tiphaine Dickson


Slobodan  Milosevic



murdered at The Hague




A n n o u n c e m e n t


Hijacking the Defense.

Read all about the ultimate Hague crime and reactions worldwide.

THE HAGUE RAMBOUILLET    (Statement of the ICDSM and SLOBODA, Issued 31 October 2004)



Opening speech of President Milosevic at the beginning of the 'Defense Case', The Hague, 31 August - 1 September, 2004

In English        In Serbian        In Italian       In Portuguese

President Milosevic's Remarks before the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY



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Alexander ZINOVIEV and ICDSM (Russia): Communique

Ramsey CLARK: Letter to UN

SLOBODA and Milosevic family: APPEAL against the human rights violations


1 November: Facing the boycott of the defense witnesses and reaction of the international public, in order to postpone the total collapse of the ICTY, the 'Appeals Chamber' decides to restore conditionally the right of President Milosevic to conduct his own case.

26 October: Kay and Higgins file a "request for withdrawal" from the duty of the imposed counsel. The request is pending the decision of the 'Trial Chamber'.

21 October: The five-member 'Appeals Chamber' of the ICTY, chaired by its President Theodor Meron (USA) hears the arguments of the 'sides' on the issue of the imposition of counsel. Read the remarks of President Milosevic.

19 October: Liana Kanelli (Greece), MP and Vice-Chairwoman of the ICDSM, appears before the ICTY. Read the transcript of her testimony.

14 October: JUDr Vojtech Filip, Vice-Chairman of the Czech Parliament, joins the international lawyers' appeal to UN against the imposition. The appeal is signed by 100 lawyers and law professors from 18 countries.

16 September - 12 October: The Hague process is in recess, due to inability of the imposed counsel to find witnesses for his fake case. 

2 September: Immediately after President Milosevic's opening speech, which was supposed to be an introduction into presentation of truth in the 'defense case' with numerous important international witnesses, the 'Trial Chamber' decides to silence President Milosevic by imposing on him and against his will as 'defense counsel' two British lawyers, Steven Kay and Gillian Kay Higgins. Former 'Amici Curiae', Kay and Higgins, in spite of obvious conflict of interest and professional embarrassment accepted the assignment, which gives them all and leaves to President Milosevic no right in conducting and presenting the defense. 

The unprecedented decision of imposition, made in violation to International Law and even ICTY's own Statute, produced a series of condemning reactions worldwide, including among most of the defense witnesses, who chosen to boycott the process until the fundamental right of President Milosevic is restored. The 'Appeals Chamber' of the ICTY is due to consider the decision on imposition on 21 October 2004.  

31 August - 1 September: President Milosevic makes his historic 'opening speech' accusing Germany, Vatican and USA for the break-up of Yugoslavia, tragedy of its peoples, alliance with terrorists, occupation of Serbia and persecution of Serbian freedom fighters. The main tools of this aggression are NATO and ICTY. Crime against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed.

EXPERTS URGE U.N. ON MILOSEVIC DEFENCE     By Edith Lederer (AP, 18 August  2004) 

A report on the press-conference in the UN Headquarters hold by Tiphaine Dickson and Ramsey Clark on behalf of 90 lawyers and law professors from 17 countries and hosted by Barry Lituchy on behalf of ICDSM-US.


29 July: 50 Lawyers and Law Professors from 12 countries address UN and ICTY with the appeal entitled: "Imposition of Counsel on Slobodan Milosevic Threatens the Future of International Law and the Life of the Defendant". Only two days later they were joined by another 20 their colleagues.

6-21 July: The 'Trial Chamber' issues a series of 'orders' declaring intentions: to impose a counsel on President Milosevic against his will, to 'sever the indictments' and to change other rules in the middle of the process on detriment of President Milosevic, as parts of the "the radical review of the future conduct of the trial" aiming to misuse the deterioration of the President Milosevic's health, produced by the tribunal, to silence him.

16 July: The beginning of the 'defense case' is rescheduled for 31 August on the basis of the doctor's report.

12 July: The beginning of the 'defense case' is rescheduled for 19 July, depending on the future doctor's report which has to indicate "whether the Accused is fit to participate in court proceedings from Monday, 19 July 2004 to Wednesday, 21 July 2004", last days before the summer break. In the meantime it is totally forbidden for President Milosevic to work, even to meet his legal associates.

5 July: President Milosevic is forced to appear very ill before the 'Judges' in spite the protest of the doctors. A 'show-session' is performed for the international media gathered to follow the beginning of the 'defense case'. 'Judges' announce 'radical reconsideration' of the future conduct of the 'trial'. After the consultations with Madeleine Albright of previous and ambassador Prosper of the actual US administration, who came to The Hague, the 'Trial Chamber' rules next day, without any foundation in numerous medical reports, that President Milosevic whose life is at stake is fit 'to stand the trial' but probably not 'to defend himself'. In the same decision, the 'Judges' open a pursuit for a lawyer who would accept to be an imposed counsel against President Milosevic's will and for a doctor who would accept to confirm the medical conclusions of the 'Trial Chamber'! The beginning of the 'defense case' is rescheduled for 16 July.

1 July: Richard May dies.

29 June: ICTY 'President' Meron and 'Chief-Prosecutor' del Ponte demand at the session of UN Security Council a 'punishment' for Serbia and Montenegro for 'non-cooperation' and a prospective to prolong the works of ICTY. The session ends without any written conclusions or statement.

28 June: "SLOBODA" organizes a mass people's rally and protest march in the center of Belgrade, supported by all Serbian patriotic parties and organizations. The strongest demands are delivered to all Serbian and Federal state organs and institutions. Demonstrations also held in Moscow.

26 June: Organization of Serbian Diaspora "NedaIst" and ICDSM hold Vidovdan Demonstrations at The Hague.

25 June: Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Russia and Belarus demands release of President Milosevic from Detention, after the same was done by the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus.

17 June: 'Pre-defense Conference' at ICTY puts additional procedural restraints on presentation of the 'defense case'.

16 June: ICTY 'Judges' refuse to withdraw any of 66 counts of the 'indictment' in their respond to the 'Motion for Acquittal' filed by the 'Amici Curiae'. 'Judge' Robinson (now presiding) and 'Judge' Kwon differ in opinions about the 'genocide' charge. 'Judge' Bonomy who enters the process after signing that he studied millions of pages in less than two months, decides with his vote against President Milosevic.

27 May: Beginning of the 'defense case' rescheduled for 5 July.

5 May: Beginning of the 'defense case' rescheduled for 22 June.

13 April: President Milosevic submits a list with 1631 witnesses and more than 3000 exhibits. 

12 April: Kofi Annan appoints Lord Bonomy (UK) instead of Richard May (UK).

26 March: Russian Duma almost unanimously demands release of President Milosevic from detention.

25 March: Theodor Meron holds a hearing with President Milosevic to establish whether he agrees with the continuation of the process with a substitute judge. President Milosevic underlines the illegality of the ICTY and the process and demands his release. This "public session" was not televised nor the transcript was ever published. "No consent!" - Meron concludes. "We will go on in the interest of justice" - Robinson and Kwon decide.

9 March: David Tolbert lifts the total isolation of President Milosevic after the motion by a prominent ICDSM member against the ICTY's unlawful acts enters the official court record. ICTY's President Theodor Meron is still obliged to respond. Read the full text of the Motion by Barry Lituchy drafted by ICDSM lawyer Tiphaine Dickson.

25 February: The ICTY Prosecution gives up from the last two days of its presentation, after they were twice postponed due to President Milosevic's illness. Same day, the incomplete Trial Chamber (!) issues a Decision proclaiming the Prosecution case closed and orders that ill President Milosevic should start his preparations and that the Defense case shall commence on Tuesday, 8 June 2004.

22 February: Richard May (UK), presiding the ICTY Trial Chamber resigns 'due to health reasons'; Theodor Meron (USA), ICTY President calls Kofi Annan to appoint a new judge. 

19 February: Scheduled end of the "Prosecution case".


06 February: After SPS enters the deals with the pro-Western parties in the process of forming a new government in Serbia, the tribunal decides to prolong the isolation of President Milosevic for another month. Same as the first two, the third gag order is signed by the tribunal's Deputy Registrar David Tolbert (USA).


by Tiphaine DICKSON and ICDSM (Quebec/Canada)

20 January: After the SPS top decides that neither President Milosevic nor any of his associates get seats in the Serbian Parliament, the Appeals Chamber of the tribunal presided by Theodor Meron (USA) makes the final decision that three months period assigned for the preparation of the defense will not be prolonged.

2 0 0 3

15 December: On the order of US Government 1999 NATO commander Wesley Clark appears as a Prosecution witness in full secrecy and with unbelievable limitations for cross-examination.

11 December: Tribunal puts President Milosevic into total isolation since he appears as a candidate in Serbian early parliamentary elections after it became clear that socialist/patriotic opposition has chance to win.



By Ed Herman


By Ed Herman and David Peterson

Protest to the Governments of USA, UK, France, Russia, China, The Netherlands and to ICTY

Vidovdan 28 June 2003 Hague Demos

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Poster of President Milosevic:  S  L  XL  XXL

Milosevic: speeches, statements,  interviews * 'trial' testimony

“By deceiving their public through a systematic manufacturing of lies, their government and their media have abolished democracy for their own people precisely to the extent to which they have withdrawn the people’s right to truthful information. You can have the best possible mechanism for democracy, but if you feed it with lies, it cannot produce results that are humane, honest, and progressive.”
Slobodan Milosevic


* To Watch the 'Trial' *


Read the Book that Proves the Hague's Kosovo Indictment is a Lie - "The Other Side of the Story" - Chapter 1



React Immediately!

[22 September 2003]

Leaders of the World Peace Council (WPC) demand release of President Milosevic

and abolition of the Hague Tribunal

SLOBODA becomes a full member of WPC

[Athens, 17 November 2003]

ICDSM-US for 8 November Hague Demos

[4 November 2003]


ICDSM Québec/ICDSM Canada in Solidarity with the Workers of Serbia:   This is the same struggle!

[2 November 2003]

The Hague Tribunal and the Future of Serbia

by Vladimir Krsljanin

[May-October 2003]

Day of the Liberation of Belgrade Demands

by SLOBODA, SPS and people of Belgrade

[28 October 2003]


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The Court of Crime

Criminal Character of the Hague Tribunal Proven by its Transcripts

[25 October 2003]

Release Milosevic!

by Professor Kostas Alyssandrakis, MEP of CP Greece

     (speech in the European Parliament)

[15 October 2003]

Tribunal Abandons Last Traces of Judiciary...

ICDSM/Sloboda Statement

[8 October 2003]

Statement from CDSM in the United Kingdom

[4 October 2003]

Letter from Duma to Foreign Minister Ivanov

[3 October 2003]

ICDSM Press Conference at The Hague     by Ian Johnson,      Member

of ICDSM Board and Coordinator of ICDSM-Britain

[30 September 2003]

Statement of ICDSM Québec and Canada

expressing a series of legal arguments

[29 September 2003]

Open Letter by ICDSM-Ireland

[25 September 2003]

Protest Letter of ICDSM-Italia

[23 September 2003]

Appeal of 10 Medical Doctors from Germany

proving that the health condition of President Milosevic requires his release. The 'three months' decision "will irresponsibly increase the risk and stress factors".

[19 September 2003]

Statement of the Russian Committee for the defense of Slobodan Milosevic

denouncing the outrageous decision by the tribunal to provide President Milosevic with only three months to prepare his case.

[18 September 2003]


The Hague political warfare against Serbian people and the basic democratic rights of the whole humanity must end! 

The legitimate requests of President Milosevic should be fulfilled!

ICDSM congratulates formation of the US National Section chaired by Michael Parenti.

Read the first press release of ICDSM-US.

[13 September 2003]

Russian Parliamentarians for Rights of President Milosevic

And for two-years break. Defense should be prepared in freedom, after his health will be recuperated. His isolation and persecution of the family must end. Fiasco of the Prosecution. No judiciary at The Hague!

These are the messages of Zyuganov, Haritonov, Ryzhkov, Nikolaev, Raikov, Romanov and several chairmen and vice-chairmen of parliamentary factions and committees, some of them pro-presidential, from the joint statement issued today in Moscow. 

Read our exclusive report.

[12 September 2003]

"There is No Defense - Only Prosecution!"

Slobodan Milosevic, 2 September 2003

NATO Tribunal denies the right to defense, after all other President's rights have been denied!

Read a report from the first "Pre-Defense Conference" at The Hague and first reactions from Belgrade

[2 September 2003]

Fake Prosecutor of the Fake Tribunal

"Evidence" in the "Milosevic Case":

What's Behind Carla's Promises?

By Cathrin Schuetz

[1 September 2003, 

German original published in junge Welt, 19 August 2003]


Read a recent analysis of the fake success and further read about the background of the prosecutor of NATO Martial Court

Brazilian Workers for President Milosevic

Read the Protest Letter to The Hague tribunal 

by Antonio Neto

President of the General Confederation of Trade Unions of Brazil (CGTB) and Vice-President of the World Federation of Trade Unions and

Maria Pimentel

Secretary of International Relations of CGTB

[29 August 2003]


Read also one of the historical speeches of President Milosevic 

in Portuguese

ICDSM Protests the Isolation of President Milosevic

Letter to The Hague by Professor Valkanov, Co-chair and attorneys Black, Kuznecov and Verges of ICDSM Legal Committee

[26 August 2003]

President Milosevic’s Public Response to Charges Fabricated by the Belgrade Regime

The shameful terror against my family is part of the criminal lawlessness and tyranny, through which the Belgrade regime is aiding The Hague and its aggression against our country and our people... (read the whole statement written at The Hague on 17 August 2003)

While Everyone Watches Iraq, a NATO-Sponsored Dictatorship Assaults the People of Yugoslavia

Veteran Balkans reporter David Binder on "Shock and Awe" in Yugoslavia
UNHRC report on draconian conditions under dictatorial rule

[Posted 19 May 2003]

Kosovo During The 1980s
[Posted 20 February 2003]

Albanian Terrorist Leader Calls For Greater Albania
[Posted 19 February 2003]

ICDSM Attorney Tiphaine Dickson Reporting from The Hague Tribunal (ICTY) 18 December 2002

Russian Duma is Unanimous: 'Political Prisoner Milosevic' must be Given Proper Medical Care!
[Posted 13 December 2002]

Milosevic refuses psychiatric tests!
From Reuters 5 December 2002

The Hague Gives Slobodan Milosevic the Wrong Medicine!
Reprinted from Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad
English Translation provided by R.M of Amsterdam
[25 November 2002]

Above article in original Dutch
Milosevic kreeg verkeerd medicijn
NRC Handelsblad
23 November 2002

ICDSM Letter to The Hague Tribunal (ICTY)
Specialists Must Examine Slobodan Milosevic
16 November 2002

Yugoslav Upper House Votes to Bring Slobodan Home!
14 November 2002

'In Concern for the Life and Health of Slobodan Milosevic'
German Physicians and Therapists Slam Abuse of Milosevic by The Hague 'Tribunal'
[Posted 11 November 2002]

ICDSM Press Release Condemns Abuse of Milosevic, Makes Motion for 'Friend of Court' Status - Main Text of Motion Included

Full text of ICDSM Motion Requesting Amicus Curiae Status

The Conclusion Of Slobodan Milosevic's Cross-Examination of Croatian President Mesic - Transcript From 3 October 2002

[Posted 16 October 2002]

Slobodan Milosevic's Opening Statement in the Serbian Language
Transcripts from September 26th & 27th.
[Posted 10 October 2002] (English Language posted below)

Slobodan Milosevic Cross-Examination of Croatian President Mesic - Transcript from 2 October 2002
(In '91 Mesic Boasted That He Had Destroyed Yugoslavia)
Because the transcript of the cross-examination is 150 pages long we have broken it into 12 easy to read chapters.
Chapters: I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI -XII
If you wish to read the whole thing at once go to:
[Posted 4 October 2002]

Slobodan Milosevic's Opening Statement: Part II
Transcript From September 27, 2002
[Posted 3 October 2002]

Slobodan Milosevic's Opening Statement: Part I
Transcript From September 26, 2002

[Posted 30 September 2002]

Tortured to Lie: The Testimony of Rade Markovic (in 2 Parts)
[Posted 26 September 2002]


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Resolution for the Release of Slobodan Milosevic
Drafted by the Head Committee of the Socialist Party of Serbia
[Posted 25 September 2002]

New liberal imperialism is making the world safe for terrorists
By Neil Clark
Reprinted from the Spectator (UK)

By Ian Johnson
[Posted 19 June 2002]

For audio of 'trial' go to
For transcripts, go to

[Posted 13 April 2002]

We Accuse:
Washington's Aid Promises Are A Traitorous Lie!

By the Socialist Party of Serbia
Written a year ago, this analysis answers the arguments made to justify the extradition law passed by the Yugoslav Parliament on Thursday
[Re-posted 12 April 2002]

Ante Pavelic: The Real 'Butcher of the Balkans'
Compiled by Bob Petrovich
[Posted 11 April 2002]

President Milosevic on March 7th, with Comments
[Posted 3 April 2002]

FBI and MSNBC Documents Cited by Pres. Milosevic, March 7th
[Posted 3 April 2002]

by Rashmee Z. Ahmed
TIMES OF INDIA, 28 March 2002
With comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 2 April 2002]

President Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague 'Court'
Opening Statement: February 13, 2002
Part One of four parts
[Posted 27 March 2002]

Editor's Note: This translation has been approved by the Socialist Party of Serbia, which is Slobodan Milosevic's political party. It is truer to the original Serbo-Croatian than the translation posted by The Hague 'Tribunal.'

From the London Spectator -
John Laughland says that the trial of Slobodan Milosevic has been rigged to justify Nato's war against Serbia
By John Laughland
[Posted 21 March 2002]

From the Swiss journal La Liberté, 22 April 1999

"We understood from the beginning that the information collected by the OSCE patrols during our mission was intended to supplement the information NATO collected by satellite. We had a very strong feeling that we were working as spies for the Atlantic Alliance."
-- Pascal Neuffer, quoted in article from La Liberté. Mr. Neuffer was a member of the Kosovo Verification Mission, some of whose leaders are scheduled to testify against President Milosevic this week at The Hauge.

Sgt. Schulz at The Hague -
11 March 2002

By Max Sinclair
[Posted 14 march 2002]

This text has been sent to all Heads of State in the world. Please use it in any way deemed appropriate

Intense Struggle at Hague, Friday 8 March
Details from Yugoslav newspaper, Blic

From reader George Wilcoxson in Washington State, USA:

The URL of the RealVideo Archive of the Milosevic "trial" (with English translation) is:

Official Yugoslav WHITE BOOK on NATO Crimes, Spring 1999
Who are the Criminals? The Dead Speak.
[Posted 6 March 2002]

'Western Civilization' at The Hague
by George Szamuely
Reprinted from NY Press
[Posted 6 March 2002]

Milosevic's courage needs our solidarity
[Posted 3 March 2002]

Interview with Vladimir Krsljanin, International Secretary of the Socialist Party of Serbia, published on 2 March in the Internet addition of Halo Noviny (Czech Republic). Interviewer Jan Hrobar. Kindly translated from the Czech by Colin Meade.

Russian Duma Calls for Milosevic to be Set Free!
[posted 28 February 2002]

'The Other Side of the Story'
This book by two retired Yugoslav Army Generals, both military scholars, refutes The Hague 'Tribunal' Kosovo indictment of Slobodan Milosevic and the Western media's accusations against the Serbs. Written calmly, factually and brilliantly, it provides a real education about what happened in - and what was done by the NATO powers to - Kosovo. Includes Yugoslav Army documents otherwise unavailable to the public in NATO countries.

To read this book in quick-loading sections, click here.
To load the entire text at once,
click here.
[Previous title, 'Why They Were Indicted']
[Posted 16 February 2002
Re-posted 28 March]

Milosevic, Prisoner of Conscience
by Neil Clark
Reprinted from New Statesman 11 February 2002
[Posted 9 February 2002]

President Slobodan Miloševic in The Hague, January 30th 2002 (transcript)
By Adding Three Lies, One Does Not Get the Truth – Only a Bigger Lie
[Posted 1 February 2002]

London Meeting...
Serbia On Trial - NATO Guilty
The 'Trial' Of Slobodan Milosevic

London - Everyone Invited - Friday - 1 February - 7 PM - Hear:

* Christopher Black: Canadian barrister, war crimes expert and defence lawyer at Rwanda war crimes 'tribunal,' editor at Emperor's Clothes, Chair of the Legal Committee of the International Committee for the Defence of Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM)

* Misha Gavrilovic: British-Serbian Alliance, prominent broadcaster who has made over 800 media appearances discussing the conflict in Yugoslavia.

Click here for details about meeting and some comments by Jared Israel

Milosevic: "In the guise of a 'trial' you aim to justify your crimes!"
[posted 11 January 2002]

Slobodan Milosevic confronts Richard May at The Hague 'Tribunal,'
9 January 2002


Milosevic: "I Deserve Credit
for Peace not War!"
[Posted 17 December 2001]

Slobodan Milosevic's speech at the ICTY "War Crimes Tribunal" in The Hague, 11 December 2001

Italiano - Russian

Letter from 20 Members of Belgrade Faculty of Law on Illegal Use of Amicus Curiae by Hague 'Tribunal'
[Posted 29 November 2001]

This letter has been sent to the Bar Associations of Serbia and Yugoslavia, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

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